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This community is for attractive gay boys that like to keep themselves hair free. IMO all gay boys should be hair free. So keep it clean and let us see.

So here are the rules:

1.) In your first post include a ljcut to your pics. You will be voted on by members. Your pics should clearly show your face, body or other shots are not necessary but may be submitted.

2.) You may comment in your own post only! Once you have been approved you may post in other posts and vote on new applicants.

3.) Anyone voting without prior acceptance will be banned.

4.)No advertising permitted, you may link to your own personal website once accepted, no other links are permitted.

5.) If your post contains any nudity be sure that it is in an ljcut, that you are of legal age to post such things in your state/country, AND put a disclaimer in your post so that minors don't accidentally see you in the buff!

6.) If you get rejected, don't get upset, try again.

7.) Do not use stolen images or photoshop miracles to try and get in, you will be banned for such things!

Good Luck!!!